Google Maps for Windows Mobileがテスト公開!:Pocket PC Thoughts

A very oblique reference to the fact that, yes, Google Maps for Windows Mobile has been officially released today. That's a pic from my Treo 700w, including traffic information on the infamous Cross Bronx Expressway (and as usual, it's backlogged through the Bronx). Overall, a nice app -- since it's more official than Virtual Earth Mobile, I think it feels a bit more polished. If you're curious, hit the link above to download a copy, or just visit on your Pocket PC and download the CAB from there.

Pocket PC Thoughtsで知りましたが、Google Maps for Windows Mobileがテスト公開されています!!
また、Bluetooth GPSをWM5の機能をつかって繋いであげる(COMポートを自動認識)とGPSで自己位置が表示されます!
移動したテストはまだしていないけど、ログとか残せてGoogle Earthで使えるとおもしろいのですが・・・。