O2 Xda Atom LifeとFlameを正式発表!:Engadget Mobile

Best of all, it sounds like everything we heard about the Flame might be spot-on -- the 3.6-inch display, NVIDIA GPU, 2GB of onboard storage -- everything. Then again, the also-announced Xda Atom Life is no slouch either, packing a full gigabyte of Flash, HSDPA, and the promise of a white variant down the road. We'll gladly take either -- with support for HSDPA 850 / 1900, please.

Engadget Mobileから辿りましたが、CNETの記事によると先週の火曜日にO2はXda Atom LifeとFlameをシンガポールでアジア向けに正式発表したようです!
Atom LifeはHSDPAにも対応するようで楽しみですね♪