HTC Universal(T-Mobile MDA Pro)は9月1日発売?:infoSync World

Further confirming its position as the foremost early adopter of new mobility software from Microsoft, mobile network operator T-Mobile today announced the September 1st availability of its MDA Pro - previously known as the T-Mobile MDA IV - communicator in Germany. Not only the first device to hit shelves based on Windows Mobile 5.0, the MDA Pro is also the first Windows Mobile device to offer 3G connectivity - as well as a swivel screen.

昨日のコメントでid:MeltingPDAさんに教えてもらいましたがinfoSync WorldによるとドイツT-MobileよりMDA Pro(HTC Universal)が9月1日に発売になるようですね〜?
いいなぁ〜〜、欲しいなぁ〜〜!  で、T-MobileってSIMロック無しでしたっけ??