Asus A632 and A636がFCC通過:Pocket PC Thoughts

Specifications: PXA272 416MHz, 128MB ROM / 64MB RAM, 1300 (or 1100) mAh battery (both are specified in the manual), 802.11b (a636 only), Bluetooth 1.2, Standard IR, USB host, GPS. Dimensions: 122 x 73.2 x 18.65mm. Weight: 175g (6.2 oz). The a636 has WiFi and a single SD slot. The a632 does not have WiFi but sports dual slots (one SD and one mini-SD). The provided link takes you to the FCC site with links to documentation, manuals, and pictures. Thoughts?

Pocket PC Thoughts によると折りたたみ式GPSアンテナ搭載のAsus A632 and A636がFCCを通過した模様です。