iPAQ rx1950/rx1955 Pocket PCってh4150?:Engadget

They didn’t have any pics last week when they first reported on the existence of HP’s unannounced iPAQ rx1950/1955 Pocket PC, but apparently Todo Pocket PC’s source has delivered for them again, this time with several shots of what they claim is the new handheld from a variety of different angles (yes, it does look like several older iPAQs). No confirmation of the specs yet, but supposedly this one will run on Windows Mobile 5.0 and have a 300MHz processor, 32MB of RAM, 64MB of ROM, the usual 3.5-inch, QVGA LCD touch screen, an SDIO expansion card slot, 802.11b.

Engadgetで写真をみてPocket PC Thoughtsのスレッド を読んで見ましたが、写真で見るとおり、rx1950/rx1955といわれる写真はh4150にしか見えませんね〜?(^^;