Samsung i300 がFCCを通過で発売秒読みか?

Samsung i300 is the first Windows Mobile powered device with built-in hard disk! It is yet not clear whether it will be on the market before competition - Nokia N91 powered by Symbian also has built-in hard disk and also is coming soon - but we can already observe first signs that Samsung i300 will be released soon!
While there are already some totally unchecked rumors, that Samsung i300 will be available at O2 operator in UK "soon", here comes confirmation that it also will be available in USA - it has been just (on August 23, 2005) approved by American FCC! FCC documentation contains not only external photos of this phone:

3GBのMicroDriveを内蔵したSamsung i300がFCCを通過してまもなくアメリカ市場に出荷されるという記事がmsmobiles.comに掲載されています!(^^ゞ
音楽聴くにはWMP10との連携でかなり同期も楽になっているので音楽が聴ける携帯としては記事の中で比較しているHDDを搭載しているNokia N91(WiFi付き)と比べても海外でも需要がありそうですね?(^^;