Samsung SCH-i730はBluetoothに若干の制限が!?:Pocket PC Thoughts

"The Samsung SCH-i730 is a Pocket PC Phone featuring Windows MobileTM 2003 Pocket PC Phone 2nd Edition software. It's equipped with 1x/EVDO digital download capabilities, has Bluetooth® wireless technology and Wi-Fi capabilities. The i730 also has a built-in sliding QWERTY keyboard, dual speakers, SD I/O slot and speakerphone. It's built for people who mean business."
Samsung's i730 has made it onto Verizon's website; I don't know if this means if it's available for consumers or not yet. The pricing is the same as the one we mentioned before -- $599 with 2-year contract, $649 with 1-year contract. The good news is that Wi-Fi is in there. The bad news is that the Bluetooth is restricted. Verizon has documented this on a special Bluetooth section of their website; in particular, they have a chart of devices and profiles . The i730's glaring omissions include DUN, LAN and PAN profiles. Why is beyond me -- the XV6600 has them and supports EVDO, so what exactly is Verizon thinking? Cripple the more attractive and expensive of the two devices so that people go for the cheaper one?

Pocket PC ThoughtsにVerizonのWEBサイトに掲載されたSamsung SCH-i730の価格とBluetoothの制限について書かれています。