Windows Mobile 6.5のSecond Editionのリーク?

If you are a long-time Windows Mobile user, you might remember Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition, which was an update to Windows Mobile 2003. And, as we recently learned from DigiTimes, there are rumors that Microsoft will introduce a Windows Mobile update between the next to be released Windows Mobile 6.5 and the future main release Windows Mobile 7. While neither the Windows Mobile 6.5 update (which I'm going to call "Second Edition" for now) nor Windows Mobile 7 are official yet, it came to my mind that the 6.5 Second Edition might be be based on the recently leaked Windows Mobile builds.

the::unwiredにWindows Mobile 6.5のSecond Editionと噂されるビルドのスクリーンショットと動画が紹介されています!