Touch Diamondの傾きセンサーのユーザーSDKが公開!

Unfortunately HTC does not understand that they should have released API/SDK for tilt sensor to developers, so that more tilt-aware applications could be created - than just HTC's own Teeter! The more such applications exist, the higher are chances that people will want to buy HTC Touch Diamond and HTC'c next phones with tilt sensor like HTC Touch Pro, etc. ...
Fortunately community of Windows Mobile fans is pro-active and they have already reverse engineered this tilt SDK so that now everybody can use it! Here is a video demonstration of a non-HTC test-application:

日本でも技適を通過していて、投入が噂されるHTC Diamondですが、ユーザーによって解析された、傾きセンサーのマネージド(.NETのC#/VB)とアンマネージド(C/C++)のSDKが公開されているようです!