O2 GermanyのXda Diamond Pro(HTC Touch Pro)レビュー!

As confirmed earlier, O2 Germany will also release the recently announced HTC Touch Pro and now we also know how O2 is going to call its Raphael version: O2 Xda diamond pro.
While O2 Germany's latest Windows Mobile smartphone has yet to be officially announced (but I heard that a pre-announcement is coming today with the full-blown press release on Monday), I already had my 15 minutes quality-time with an early marketing sample which - nevertheless - isn't sporting O2's branding but still carries HTC's. However, the keyboard layout (yes, it's QWERTZ which means it's a German keyboard) and the keyboard color (blue instead of HTC's green design) are already the final one:

the::unwired にO2 Germany版であるXda Diamond Pro(HTC Touch Pro/コードネーム:HTC Raphael)の評価機*1のフォトレビューと実際に動作するモデルでの動画レビューが掲載されています!
Touch Diamondですら欲しいのに、Touch ProはビデオOUTなんかも付いていて、かなり良い感じかも知れませんね? つか、欲しすぎる!!(^^;