DigiTimes has reported that the increasing popularity of Asus' Eee PC has resulted in a significant impact on the development of UMPCs (ultra mobile PCs), which may High Tech Computer (HTC) to adjust its deployment of UMPC products, according to Peter Chou, president and CEO of HTC. At the moment, HTC has one UMPC in its portfolio only, the HTC Shift and, according to Chou, the focus of HTC's development will continue to strengthen users' Internet experience through mobile devices. However, market sources in Taiwan even indicated that HTC is developing new MID (Mobile Internet Device) products, using Intel's Atom and Qualcomm's Snapdragon chipset platforms and DigiTimes is expecting that new devices are likely to be unveiled in the second half of 2008.

台湾の証券サイトのニュースによるとHTCは年内に10機種のデバイスと、EeePCなどのUMPCとは路線の違う、ATOMとQualcommチップを載せたMID (Mobile Internet Device)を出すようです!
もちろん、HTC Touch Pro(HTC Raphael)も含まれるそうですが、MIDも楽しみかも(w