HTC MailというDirectPushメールサービス

Take control of your communications with HTCmail™, the fastest and simplest way to access critical business information on your phone.
No need to worry about different accounts or server settings, with HTCmail™ all your emails, appointments, contacts, files and more are collected into one central location that can be accessed whenever you want, wherever you want. From your phone, your office PC, or any computer connected to the internet – the choice is yours.
Using your existing email accounts, HTCmail™ gives you the flexibility to mange your work/life balance on your terms, and remain relaxed in the knowledge that all your information is automatically backed-up daily and secured against identity theft, spam or virus attacks.
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HTCのヨーロッパのサイトでHTC MailというDirectPushなメールサービスのBetaが行われていたんですね?(^^;