HTC Kaiser(HTC TyTN II)の海外レビュー記事

It's been a while since a Windows Mobile device has been as long awaited and as well anticipated as the HTC Kaiser, which has now been released as the HTC TyTN II. I don't think there's been as much excitement about a Windows Mobile Pocket PC since the XDA II, four years ago. Back then, we just wanted a Pocket PC Phone that could connect to the internet and a Bluetooth headset. These days everyone wants a device that does everything: high speed HSDPA multi-band internet, fast processor, large keyboard, small body, large amount of storage and memory, WiFi, Bluetooth, finger touch screen, GPS Navigation, MP3 player, quality digital camera, etc. We want it all, and the TyTN II is the first real attempt at giving it to us. Hence, HTC's tagline in their marketing materials reads "The Ultimate Mobile Companion." We'll give the TyTN a very thorough look, and determine whether it should be added to your phone wish list. Read on! にHTC Kaiser(HTC TyTN II)の3ページにもわたるレビューが掲載されています!

最近はX01HTに取って代わってHTC TyTN II三昧ですが、やっぱりHermes系のリプレースを考えるなら最高のデバイスですね!(^^ゞ
マジでX01HTとかhTc Zの後継機として日本でも採用して欲しいくらいです(w