A lot of us have broken our phone at some point. Maybe it's nothing more than a scratch or a scuff mark that bugs you ever time you look at the device. Or perhaps it a busted LCD that makes your device all but useless. Regardless of what is broken or the extent of the damage, you can actually order replacement parts for a large number of the Smartphones we talk about on a daily basis. In fact, the parts are pretty reasonable and in most cases the repair work isn't too difficult. Where can you get parts you ask? Simple, from the Cellular Nationwide Network, or CNN for short.

Smartphone Thoughtsから辿りましたが、中国のサイトでHTCやPalmなどのSmartPhoneの部品やBlackberryNokiaなどと驚いたのはiPhoneiPodのパーツまでバラ売りしているサイトを見つけました(^^;
SoftBank X01HTってカテゴリはあるもののキーボード(hTc Zかも?)以外はDoPodの部品みたいですけど、保障の効かない端末(謎)とかなら自力で直したりすることも国内法では問題あるけど自己責任でとか・・・(w