HTC TouchのレビューでTouchFLOが良くわかる!

Display, “TouchFLO” technology

At a glance, there is absolutely nothing special about the display. Just like in most company’s other models, the HTC Touch utilizes a 320x240-pixel (QVGA) matrix and shows up to 65 K colors. Its color reproduction performance stands up to other offerings as well, the horizontal viewing angles reach maximum values, though tilting the device at an angle towards you, will instantly expose picture distortion.
On a sunny day, pretty often you won’t find yourself content with the display ? the four levels of brightness are not quite enough in this case. Occasionally to read information you will have to tilt the device here and there to get the right angle. But for the rest the matrix does fine. The minimum backlighting level proves to be comfortable for reading.
On a close-up, though, a number of traits come to light, which are actually what makes for finger-based interface that doesn’t require styles. These changes are called “TouchFLO” technology. にHTC Touchの詳細レビューが掲載されています!
大きさの比較とかも圧巻なんですが、個人的にはTouchFLOの動作がわかる動画が嬉しかったり(^^ゞ ←ロシア語みたいですけど・・。
HTC Touchは是非とも触ってみたいデバイスだったり(^^;