WM5 SmartPhoneやWM6 Standardでも時計表示が可能なClockOnTop!

"ClockOnTop which allows you to add a digital clock to the top bar (known as the taskbar) of Windows Mobile. It adds a feature that should have been there by default. If you want the 12-hour format, you will need to replace the ClockOnTop.lnk in the Windows > Startup folder with the one in the ClockOnTop ZIP file. Make sure the ClockOnTop.lnk file is in that folder before placing the replacement lnk file in there."

Smartphone Thoughtsで知りましたがWM5 SmartPhoneやWM6 StandardにはHome画面で時計は見れますが、トレイに時計を表示する設定がありません(;O;)
かなり便利ですね〜! これでX02HTが来ても不満部分がひとつ解消された感じです(w


ちなみにWM6 Standardの日本語版エミュでの画像ですが、右のアイコンと時計の文字がやっぱり近過ぎかも(^^;