WM6最初に発売のデバイスはHTC S710:msmobiles.com

The first ever Windows Mobile 6 phone available commercially (on sale) is HTC S710 ! While a couple years ago it were in most cases mobile operators like Orange and T-Mobile that were always offering as first ones new models of Windows Mobile phones, nowadays these are online shops - as case of Samsung i600 (European version of Samsung BlackJack with Wi-Fi and video calling) proves...
To buy HTC S710 (it's in stock!) powered by Windows Mobile 6, click here (in French).

フランスのサイトでWM6搭載の最初に発売のデバイスとなる、HTC S710が在庫となっているようですね!
個人的にはこのHTC S710(HTC Vox)のUMTS版がでたら欲しいんですけどね・・・(^^;