HTC Trinity(HTC P3600)のレビュー

HTC P3600 codenamed Trinity (HTC’s developers keep on using imagination for new nicknames of their products), basing off the platform bearing the same name, makes more sense when considered as the successor to the HTC Magician. Listing out the improvements in brief, there are 3G support, enhanced camera module, and the OS powered by a new update pack. In light of the new policy the company applies to the carriers and cooperation with other brands, implying gradual shutting-down of these areas, it is almost for sure that Trinity platform won’t see any third-party solutions, saving for Orange SPV M700, and the models pool will remain the same: HTC P3600 for the European market and Dopod D810 ? for Asia. にHTC Trinity(HTC P3600)のレビューが掲載されています!
HTC HermesQWERTYキーボードがないモデルといった感じですが、こういう選択ができる海外は羨ましいですね〜?