i-mate K-JARがFCC通過?:msmobiles.com

i-mate K-JAR still has not been announced and is not depicted on the website of i-mate - probably because i-mate is going to announce this and other phones at 3GSM conference next month, but FCC already has leaked information about it:

msmobiles.com にi-mate K-JARという未発表の新機種がFCCのドキュメントの中から判明したそうです(^^ゞ
残念ながらHTC Universalよりスペックでは劣り、UMTS(W-CDMA)では無いようですけど・・・(w

  • while i-mate branded version is called "i-mate K-JAR" ("K-" denotes QWERTY keyboard, "JAR" denotes rotable display) in reality tihs phone is manufactured by Tech Faith Wireless in China and has model name "Pam"
  • this phone has "sub-LCD" (a small external display) that is working also when main display is covered when the phone is closed
  • mini-USB connector in USB 1.1 standard
  • pre-installed: Java MIDP 2.0
  • 240x320 touch screen display
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • GSM tri-band (GSM850 is missing, but we expect that special version with both American bands for American market will be available too)
  • processor: OMAP 730 at 200 MHz
  • WAN connectivity: GPRS, but no EDGE (!?) and no 3G (UMTS/HSPA)
  • built-in short-range wireless: Bluetooth and Wi-Fi