HTC XV6175(HTC Cedar)がVerizonから?

Yo, T-Mobile, you guys might want to speed that Snap / Dash 2 / whatever along, because you've got a few carriers nipping at your heels with their own WinMo-based portrait QWERTY models fresh out of HTC's foundry. There's a whole jumble of codenames and model numbers used to identify this thing, but basically, you can look at the XV6175 as Verizon's answer to the GSM-powered Snap and S522 -- a device that's been seen in Sprint's roadmap as the Willow and in various regulatory agencies as the Cedar (ridiculous, yes, we know).

HTC Snap(開発コードネーム:HTC Maple)とは若干カーソルキー周りが違う、開発コードネームがHTC Cedarと言われていて、随分前から形状はリークされていたデバイスがVerizonから出るみたいです。