Windows Mobile 7は2010年?

"Recently it was revealed that the newest version of Microsoft's mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 7.0, would be delayed until as late as 2010. The updated version, which the company's partners had reportedly been hoping to have by early 2009, was aimed at giving Microsoft a bigger presence on the mobile stage. But delay or no delay, I don't think it would have been enough. With competition from a resurgent BlackBerry platform from Research in Motion, Apple's iPhone and most importantly, the Google Phone platform (I will analyze Nokia's Symbian platform in a separate post at a later date), Microsoft's mobile platform is facing its toughest environment yet."

個人的にはWindows CE 6.0コアのOSであるWM7に早く移行してもらいたいところだけど、まぁ、当初から2009年Q2にOEMリリースとか2009年Q4あたりと噂がされていたのですが、いろいろ周りの状況を考えると2010年になりそうな勢いなのかもですねw