HTC P3300 (Artemis)

The device runs on HTC Wizard/Prophet platform ? these are the solutions that powered the development of the P3300, although the base platform has been well-modified, so that now it keeps “low profile” ? now it retains GPS, FM-radio, completely re-worked casing (in the sense of both materials used and design) and on top of all that, unique controls. At that, should we compare HTC Prophet (Qtek S200) and HTC P3200, while different design-wise, there two models are equal in terms of functionality. In time HTC P3200 will just take Qtek S200’s place on the market. Life cycle of Qtek S200 has not yet come to an end, that’s why the P3200 is still hidden in HTC’s sleeve.

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HTCではGPS内蔵のhw6510をODM(OEM?)で作った為にGPS内蔵機はしばらく出せなかったとか、Qtek S200との裏話もいろいろ書いてあって面白い記事です!
GPS内蔵でFMラジオとかホィールが特徴のHTC P3300 (Artemis)ですが、これが電話として使えるGSM圏が羨ましかったりしますね?(^^ゞ