DivX プレーヤーのモバイル版が登場!

Not yet ready for place-shift video streaming but you have a bunch of DivX encoded movies on your HDD? Then it's time to download DivX new mobile player which was just released and which is called "DivX Mobile". Beside supporting Symbian S60 and UIQ, the new DivX Mobile player also supports Windows Mobile in all its flavors - from Windows Mobile 2003 and Second Edition Pocket PCs up to Windows Mobile 5.0 as well as Windows Mobile 6.0 (including Classic, Professional and Standard devices). DivX Mobile Player will try to play any video on any device, but playback performance will depend on the phone's processor speed (DivX recommends 200 MHz or faster).

DivXプレーヤーのSynbian S60とUIQやWindows Mobile 2003、2003SE、5(PocketPCやSmartPhone)、6(Classic/Professional/Standard)などのモバイル版が登場したようですね!
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